Why are we different

KNAKNA Associates

The "why" is harder to explain than the "how." All successful institutions have certain shared values; that is what makes them more than just an expense-sharing device. And many large CA firms would no doubt assert that the values laid out below are part of their foundation values.

We can’t speak for other firms, but we can say that our basic values have been in our foundation since its inception, and continue to guide our team in providing service to our clients .

These values dictate the Firm’s approach to every issue, internal or external, that it faces.

They are:

Integrity, both individually and institutionally, in dealings with our clients and among ourselves;

A level of competence which is marked by creativity that makes the quality and value of our services distinctive, and which our team will enhance by continued professional growth;

A dedication to our clients' interests and an intensity of effort which distinguish our team from others in the profession;

An independence which does not detract from dedication to the interests of our clients but which always enables us to determine, and to advise, what is in the best interests of our clients;

An understanding of our clients that makes us more sensitive to their concerns and objectives and a discipline that makes us more responsive to their needs;

A determination to provide quality services to our clients with real efficiency and within an organization structured to facilitate, rather than to impede, the achievement of these objectives;

Commitment to this Firm as a professional endeavor, composed of people who have the same professional values and aspirations, the most important of which are contained in these principles. Management Team page required to be redesigned